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Welcome to the Over 45 Social Canoe Club website. ​The club caters for those who enjoy an active sociable lifestyle. Members paddle weekly on Friday mornings on the Swan or Canning Rivers with occasional ocean paddles at Rockingham, Shoalwater Bay or Hillarys. There are annual week-long camps at Rottnest Island in autumn and near Albany, Walpole or Augusta by rotation, in spring. There are also annual weekend camps at Moore River and Mandurah.  Social events include travel nights where members talk about their trips and sharing meals at restaurants. On two Fridays a year members do not paddle but celebrate the club's anniversary and Christmas.

A strong emphasis of the club is safety, with special reference to equipment, teamwork, structured paddling formats and safety briefings. 

2018 11 05 15 Tinglewood Rd downstream o
2018 11 05 15 Tinglewood Rd downstream o

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Members Update:

"Hello Fellow Paddlers

Happy New Year!

Christmas Paddle


Thank you to everyone who made the effort to dress up their kayaks for the 17 December paddle. There were some magnificent looking craft. Thanks also to our musicians for leading the singing and to Jan for arranging the cake and goodies. It was a good day.


Start Times

As most are aware, if the forecast in Perth the night before the paddle on the BOM website is 32 degrees or more, then a choice of an 8:00 am early start is available for all groups in addition to the 9:00am paddle times. The earlier start time has been popular the last couple of times it was available.   



Ocean Paddles

A reminder that in 2022, Ocean Paddles will remain an important part of Club activities—even more so than in the past—but they will not be scheduled in the forward program. Instead, they will be advised with a minimum of two days’ notice when forecasts of ocean and weather conditions are favourable. Many of us are hopeful that conditions will allow ocean paddles soon.



Club Membership

Club numbers are capped at 95, excluding Associate Members, and there is a waiting list of potential new members. We had a number of  resignations at the end of 2021 including some long-time members: Charley Whyte, Gloria Halasz (an Associate Member), Leilani Schlieben, Peter Martin, Phil Phelan and Brian Griffiths. Tani Reith has changed to be an Associate Member. We thank them for their service, particularly Gloria and Leilani, who served on the committee, and Charley, who regularly led paddles. Their departures open up some membership positions for those on the waiting list.


Covid-19 considerations

It is vital that Club Members stay safe by abiding by Government regulations, socially distancing, masking up where required or prudent, and, most importantly, not attending Club functions if you are unwell.


Happy and safe paddling!


Brian Mooney





Paddling/Event Program and Car Guard

D=downstream, U=upstream


(see Members page for more paddle details and

a printable copy of Car Guard Roster List and

the Paddle Attendance Sheet)


24-June    Murray Bend Pinjarra  D    

                  Curtin Boat Shed         D    Judy Bain

1-Jul           Point Reserve             U    Anne Griffiths

8-Jul         Garvey Park                 D    Margaret                                                                          Buckman

15-Jul        Maylands YC               D    Austen Mullen

22-Jul       Shelley Beach             D    David Peck

29-Jul      Coode St Jetty             D    Sue Walker

                 South Perth


05-Aug     Clarkson Reserve        U  Ken Patterson


06-Aug     Club Restaurant Dinner

                  (details sent via email closer to date)

12-Aug       Applecross Jetty         U   Irene Benson


19-Aug       Point Reserve              D   Les Evans

26-Aug      Kent Street                   U  Graham ward

                   Weir Park

2-Sep         Point Walter                 U  Pauline Reed


9-Sep         Sandy Beach               D  Julie Copson

                   Reserve Bassendean

16-Sep       Middle Swan Reserve  D  Rikus Kaijer

16-18 Sep   Moore River Camp

                   (details sent via email closer to date)

23-Sep      Kent Street                    D  Garry Clohessy                    Weir Park

30-Sep      Garvey Park                  U    Ann Fraser

Remember, social distancing is still required. The car guard will not be minding keys for paddlers until further notice so remember to bring a dry bag.


No-one may attend a Club activity if they are feeling at all ill or have any signs or symptoms of a respiratory disease including a fever or cough