Dear members

I was surprised, humbled and flattered when first approached by Neville, as to whether I would accept nomination as President of this incredible Club. Neville was one of the finest Presidents this Club has had and I was very aware of the awesome task of following in his footsteps

I am even more surprised, humbled and flattered when members endorsed my nomination.

Fortunately the Committee consists mainly of the previous enthusiastic and hardworking Committee with just Denise, Ann  and I as newbies. I will be leaning on them hugely.

This Club has played an important role in my life since retiring in 2002 and joining the very month of my retirement.  I have made many good friendships with like-minded people with whom I have shared some exciting kayaking adventures around the world.

The Club has matured and developed into a strong, supportive and democratic institution. Once upon a time changes in the past were nearly impossible to debate let alone institute. However supported by the leadership of our recent past Presidents, the culture has changed immeasurably.

The scope of paddling venues available to members has expanded and social activities are now similarly broad.  I am pleased to have instigated some of these changes including optional  ‘café coffees’ at turn-around, Rottnest as an annual camp, optional early starting on days forecast to be over 35’C, Travel Evenings and the Paddle Awards.  Many of these changes were strongly resisted by the early Committees and some took years to gain acceptance.

The Club has had the good fortune of an influx of younger members recently who I am certain will further enhance the culture and calibre of the Club.

I urge every active member to participate – the adage ‘the more you put in the more you get out’ does apply. I’d like to see all active paddlers respond to Ken’s calls for Car Guard at least once each year.

I look forward to continuing to assist the Club in the development of its kayaking, environmental and social endeavours. I will try to be equal to the challenge.


“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fly Perth 12.05 am  - Cairns - 6.15 AM; bus 10.30 am to Mission Beach 12.45 pm - 138 km [2 hrs]