Arthur Leggett  OAM is celebrating his100th birthday!

Arthur is one of the early members and a longtime paddler with the club and will turn 100 in 8th September, 2018.

Arthur has had an amazing life. He was born in Balgowlah, New South Wales in 1918. His family moved to Perth when he was fourteen. Arthur later got a job for about eighteen months as a rivet heater on the construction of B station at East Perth Power Station. The work was noisy, dirty, dangerous and very physical and the men worked a 44 hour week. At the completion of this job, Arthur took on other jobs before enlisting during the Second World War. Mr Leggett was a signaller in the 2/11th Battalion and was captured in Crete in early 1941. He spent nearly four years working in coal mines in northern Poland, before being forced on a death march in the winter of 1944/1945 across the Czechoslovakian Alps to Bavaria in starvation conditions. After the war, he studied and worked as a purchasing and expediting officer for 15 years until his retirement. Arthur has written an autobiography entitled "Don't Cry For Me." In addition he is a prolific poet and has had many poems published. Arthur is recognised as a "Lawley Legend" of Mt Lawley High School. Arthur received his OAM for service to veterans and their families through the Ex-Prisoner of War Association of Western Australia, and to the community.

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Article from the Sunday Times 16 August 2012

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