Moore River Camp  17th - 19th September 2021


Friday 17th September  

Paddle from Middle Swan Reserve to Maali Bridge   (approximately 10km return)

Water level on Middle Swan 
paddle still quite high compared to earlier in the year but several metres lower than a few months ago

Many paddlers stayed at Middle Swan for lunch then
Moore River Campers headed up to Guilderton.

Twenty three people settled into 3 houses and
eleven people set up at the Guilderton Caravan Park. 

A few people headed up to Moore River on Thursday and paddled the Moore River on Friday Morning

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Saturday 18th September 

Paddle Moore River, launching from Stephens Crescent
(approximately  10 - 12km return)

Everyone launched off in very low water as the river mouth
broke through into the ocean about 11pm on Friday night.

Paddled up towards mouth of river to have a look then back along river to abandoned Bikie Head Quarters for morning team and an awesome group photo (above).  A quick stop on way back for an adventurous few who climbed the sand dunes  then back  to launch area.

Many people took advantage of the fantastic afternoon sunshine to go for a walk to mouth of river or the lighthouse

Evening drinks at Anderson Street house with  Thank You gift  packs given to Jan and Alan for organising this fantastic weekend.

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Sunday 19th September 2021
Paddled Moore River launching near Caraban Road, Caraban.


On Sunday the paddle upstream on the Moore River saw some 26  paddlers started in overcast but otherwise good paddling weather. 

Launching at the ramp off Caraban Rd the river was low and the flow moderate. Some 3+ kilometres upstream the river continued to narrow and flows increased.

A few stopped off at the first significant Ti Tree tangle whilst the majority continued to the beach where the previous year's paddlers had stopped for coffee and Garry's delicious Fruit Mince Pies. The group repeated the turn-around observance. 

At this point of the river the Ti Tree tangle on one side and very shallow water on the other required those wanting to continue to port their kayaks for a few meters. After negotiating several very tight Ti Tree constrictions and ever increasing water flows, a second porting was required for paddlers to go further. Three - Ken Low, Ralph and Andrew decided to continue whilst 4 decided to turn around. Anne Garrity, Julie Froyland, Ken Paterson and Alan started the return trip in good spirits.  


Unfortunately the Ti Tree tangles proved more difficult to negotiate travelling downstream. At the first Ti Tree tangle Julie ended up firmly wedged broadside under a spreading Ti Tree. Alan as Tail-end-Charlie watched the drama unfold. Eventually Alan approached Julie but was unable to help. Julie showed courage, a cool head and patience in trying to extricate herself from the Ti Tree without success. Eventually after losing her paddle, it was clear that with the kayak filling with water at every move, Julie decided to exit her kayak and brace herself beside her kayak. Alan then paddled upstream of Julie, beached his kayak and made his way along the bank to Julie where the only option was to drag the now full kayak onto the bank to empty it. Again, Julie showed incredible tenacity in helping drag her kayak onto the bank - a full kayak weighs a ton. Fortunately, at this point Ken was able to paddle back upstream, beach and help Alan finish dragging Julie's kayak ashore. Julie then turned her attention to finding her paddle under the Ti Tree - much to Ken and Alan's surprise, she did!

The 3 amigos decided to push Julie's kayak a few meters downstream to a position which was marginally better for exiting the Ti Tree tangle. With a shove, Julie made her way out and clear.  The remaining snags were negotiated without further drama and the 4 paddlers returned back the ramp some 50 mins after the main group.

A potentially dangerous event ended well

Cheers Alan Reith

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