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Each individual paddling in any Club event is responsible for their own wellbeing and safety.

Each individual should ensure that their craft, paddling equipment and safety gear is in good working order and that their craft has sufficient buoyancy to stay afloat and support them after a capsize.

Full club rules and procedures can be read here.

First Aid Summary



This is a First Aid Guide to provide basic aid for a range of situations.

This summary is intended as a guide only and is not a substitute for medical advice.

On water Emergency Assistance 


Fremantle Sea Rescue [FSR] phone 9335 1332 – members are encouraged to record this number in their mobile phones – FSR are especially appropriate off shore!  '000' is of course a reliable alternative.


Tow Rope Fitting

The Club requires members to have a tow rope to assist other members in emergencies. The minimum requirement is a bow tether point - a sturdy carry handle will do, and a rope accessible from the cockpit preferably with a snap-clip [as below]. Some new kayaks have built-in attachment points - see photo. Otherwise a rope around the cockpit coaming can be used effectively as a tether. The rear carry handle makes a poor tether point as it compromises steering.

Bilge Pump or Bailer


When paddling, members must have an accessible bilge pump--see photo for an example--or bailer attached to their kayak.

Useful information is included in the attached brochures (click on the image)
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